Walt Disney World Basically Just Opened A Theme Park For Food

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If you vacationed at Walt Disney World in the past few years, you probably wound up at Downtown Disney, grabbing a table at Planet Hollywood or eating dinner beside a larger-than-life dinosaur in a Mesozoic Era-themed restaurant. While the old classics still remain (yes, T-Rex is as busy as ever), so, so much has changed since your past visit.

Not only does the dining, shopping, and entertainment district now have an entirely new name—Disney Springs—it’s essentially become a year-round food festival. Disney has unveiled a slew of new dining, drinking and dessert outposts with more to come in the next year—which, when combined with the pre-existing food trucks, vegan delights, and upscale restaurants makes for quite the grub festival on park grounds.

The best part? Nearly all of it opened last month, meaning your next trip to Disney Worldwill feel like you’ve fallen into a foodie paradise. Where else can you walk around on Disney property chowing on everything from taiyaki red bean cakes to traditional poutine?

Start studying your menus and get ready to eat the wildest, weirdest and most wonderful food Disney World has to offer.

Sorry, EPCOT — this is the place to eat your way around the world.

For all the new additions and more details, read the full story here.

via Travel and Leisure


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