Even if you’ve never seen his shows or read his books, you know a few things about Anthony Bourdain. His reputation as a former hard-partying chef who left that scene to eat exotic foods on the Travel Channel and CNN precedes the foul-mouthed New Yorker. But even if you know he doesn’t mince words, do you actually know the man? We hit the archives to bring you interesting facts on Bourdain’s family, his early pay scale, and his deep-seated hatred of Billy Joel. It’ll make you gain a whole new appreciation of America’s sarcastic uncle.

1. His first kitchen job was at a wedding… and he saw the chef having sex with the bride

2. His big break came from The New Yorker

3. He got $50,000 for Kitchen Confidential

4. But before that, he was a mystery novelist

5. Writing runs in the family: His mom is a New York Times vet

6. His career goals were set when he tried oysters… at the age of 10

7. He used to fire people for playing Billy Joel

8. His IMDb is hilarious, with shows like Yo Gabba Gabba! and The Simpsons

9. His wife is an MMA star, can kick your ass

10. He’s really into acai bowls

11. He doesn’t care for craft beer

Read the full article here. (via Thrillist)


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