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Each State’s Iconic Beer

Iconic American Beers - Coors - Sam Adams - Anchor Steam

What makes a beer an icon? Longevity? Sure, that’s a factor. Impact? Absolutely. Being digitized and placed on the desktop of a Macbook? Yes, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

We set out to identify the most iconic beer brewed in each of the 50 states — yes, the beer must be at least partially brewed within the state it represents, which meant passing over some beloved brands that were gobbled up and saw their production moved elsewhere. Because of the varied nature of the brewing scene state-to-state, some of these are recognizable, generations-old standbys, while other are more of the “instant classic” variety, but regardless, each of these beers is more than just a beer.

Luckily, they’re also still beers. You should drink them all, but not before appreciating their significance.

Check out the list from Thrillist.